Sunday, August 12, 2012

Aloha to Avon Books!

Let's extend a Hawaiian greeting to Avon Imprints!  Mahalo to the Polynesian Voyaging Society (at this link) for the proverbs.

He ho'okele wa'a no ka la 'ino. 
A steersman for a stormy day. 
A courageous person.

Ho'okahi ka 'ilau like ana. 
Wield the paddles together.

Zsa Zsa joins the fun!
Ola i ke ahe lau makani. 
Life is in a gentle breath of wind. 
Said of a breeze on a hot day.

Komo mai kau mapuna hoe. 
Dip your paddle in.

Ke kai lipolipo polihua a Kane. 
The dark-blue ocean of Kane.

Ka manu kahea i ka wa'a e holo. 
The bird that calls the canoe to sail.

O na hoku no na kiu o ka lani. 
The stars are the eyes of heaven.

Pae mai la ka wa'a i ka 'aina. 
The canoe has come ashore. 
Hunger is satisfied; desire fulfilled. 

Hu ka makani.
The winds roar.

Have you paddled in a canoe?  Sailed a small craft?  Dove in deep water?  One randomly selected commenter from this week's comments win a book choice from my convention stash.  This giveaway is open to all readers.  Comments are open through Saturday, August 18, 10 pm in Hawaii.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, August 19.


Kim in Hawaii

Today's greeters are (clockwise) Hawaiian Fortune Cat, 
Tiki god, Fortune Frog, the three Fortune cats, 
and Honu the Turtle.


  1. Years ago and shortly after moving to South Florida, I took scuba diving lessons and became certified. Under the surface of the ocean is another world that not all of us get a chance to appreciate. It is beautiful as are the tropical fish and other life forms that live in or near the Coral reefs.

  2. For our Eighth grade field trip we went to a park. Some friends and I decided to take a boat that required using oars. Needless to say we totally sucked and never really went far.

    Not really a fan of water so no diving for moi. When you nearly drown as a kid it kinds gives you this leeriness to be in water.

    Raonaid at gmail dot com

  3. I have been on a paddle boat on the Mississippi and the Belle of Louisville. My favorite boating experience is a sunset cruise while on vacation in Florida!! We were barefoot on the book and took turns standing in the bow to get the best view! We also saw some dolphins!

  4. No have not , great books whoo

  5. I was in a 2 person kayak once a long time ago but that's about it.

  6. never been on a canoe but my husband took me fishing on his boat in the ocean once and I got seasick so never again! LOL!

  7. I have never paddled a boat. I don't think I would do a very good job anymore. I have tendinitis in my rotator cuffs so paddling/rowing would not be something I could do for very long.

  8. I have paddled boats and been on small crafts. I enjoy the sea so much. I have done any diving like with gear but I have snorkeled. Having asthma precludes me from diving for most companies.

  9. I've paddled a small boat when I was young with my younger brother, the problem we didn't get far because we both have no idea how to do it. :(

  10. Never been that adventurous... Also a bit hard to do when I live in the city and not surrounded by water...

  11. I love the book pictures Kim. :)
    I've dove into deep water but even a boat like a canoe or rowboat causes me to freeze up. No idea why. Just avoid them. :)
    Carol L
    Lucky7450 (at) aol (dot) com

  12. I don't like deep water and hardly ever swim anymore. Don't have a boat or anything..funny thing is I'm an Aquarius..I'm supposed to like the water. lol

  13. I love canoeing, though when I go it always seems to end in some sort of adventure we didn't plan.

  14. I have paddled in a canoe once when I was a teenager. It was part of summer camp and I had a great time that summer. I would love to get back on the water someday. Thanks for the giveaway.


  15. I have actually been in a canoe in a lake when we were in Louisiana. Which really surprises me cause, the waters there scare me. It all has to do with Lonesome Dove. I have been dolphin watching off the coast of California and Texas, but I have never dive into deep water.

  16. I have to say no to all of the above.

  17. I haven't done any of those things.

  18. I have never paddled a canoe, been in a sailboat or done any diving. I nearly drowned as a child and have a healthy respect (fear?) of certain water activities.

  19. I love Avon! They publish many of my favorite authors!

    Yes, I have paddled in several canoes over my lifetime, sailed in a small craft (assuming you talking about a 28-footer) and I've dove in deep water in Lake Erie, Tampa Bay and the Bahamas.

  20. I've never paddled in a canoe, sailed a small craft or dove in deep water, but I have done dragon boat paddling! Love it as a team sport, so much fun :)

  21. i'm envied but happy with your pile of books you got from RWA :)

    no, i dont T_T

  22. Back in the 70's my x & I, along with my brother & sister-in-law, took our boat (co-owners)somewhere in North FL where we put in the St. James River and boated down to Jacksonville. Did enjoy the trip and wish we had gone on others but they sold boat not long after. We did stop and swim on the way down so was some deep water. We also went fishing in the gulf in a flat bottom boat. That I don't want to do again. No bathrooms and we were out most of day. Only caught a few fish.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  23. Love to be active on the river. I head for the hills every chance I get. It's where I take my comfort from. My favorite is a tube but a canoe will work too. :)