Monday, February 17, 2014

More vintage photos from Boy Scouts - "Take Over Day"

This past weekend, we celebrated Scout Sunday at Savage Methodist Church (link).   The church sponsors my son's troop. Scout Sunday comes in advance of February 22 - the birthday of the Scouts' founder, Robert Baden-Powell. From Wikipedia (link),

In 1906, Robert Baden-Powell, a lieutenant general in the British Army, wrote a book for boys about reconnaissance and scouting.  In the summer of 1907 Baden-Powell held a camp on Brownsea Island in England to test ideas for his book. This camp and the publication of Scouting for Boys are generally regarded as the start of the Scout movement.

The Scouting program for boys and girls is vital to military families.   I share some vintage photos from Troop 97 in Hawaii, dating from February 1974 when the scouts "took over" jobs on Hickam AFB.  Above, the scouts line up for duty with their sponsors.

This scout learns to check ID cards on the flight line.

And these scouts work the duty desk.

Let's not forget the Girl Scouts.  These young ladies wait in line for cotton candy!


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Aloha to Pella, Iowa - A Touch of Holland

Last summer, my inlaws drove across the midwest from Ohio to Nebraska for a wedding.  They stopped at Pella, Iowa, "A Touch of Holland". 

From its website (link),

Pella was founded in 1847 by 800 Dutch immigrants led by Henry Peter Scholte. Scholte and the other immigrants were fleeing famine and religious persecution at the hands of the state church of the Netherlands. Before leaving the Netherlands, the immigrants decided to name their new home Pella, or City of Refuge, in the prairieland of Iowa.

Pella is the childhood home of Wyatt Earp. Wyatt’s father, Nicholas Porter Earp, settled on a farm near Pella. Wyatt’s brothers, Warren and Morgan, were born in Pella. 

The picturesque town later became known as the Garden City. It is famous for Tulip Time, the annual spring tulip festival.

Wouldn't it be lovely to visit during the spring?  Oh, Spring, please come!   Have you visited a place that resembles another?


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

Pella looks authentic - above is a picture of my children
when we lived in the Netherlands