Friday, May 4, 2012

Aloha to Battleship - The Mighty Mo

In 1992, the USS Missouri was the subject of the action film UNDER SIEGE.  Gary Busey and Tommy Lee Jones hijacked the ship for its Tomahawk missiles during its decommissioning cruise across the Pacific.  Little did the hijackers realize that the cook, Steven Seagal, was a SEAL.  

Twenty years later, the Mighty Mo is a floating museum docked in Pearl Harbor.   When aliens land on Earth, Mighty Mo roars back into action in BATTLESHIP

BATTLESHIP cast pose in front of Mighty Mo.
On Thursday night, the Mighty Mo hosted military families and museum friends to celebrate the upcoming release of BATTLESHIP.   We took advantage of this opportunity to rediscover an old friend ....

Move over, Rihanna! 

How about those Aloha shirts?!?!

Great name for a gift shop ... 

.... and the snack bar!
I overheard a tourist say, "Under the gun ..."
... and big guns they are!

Mighty Mo offered a view of Aloha Stadium.
The Chief Petty Officers' Ward Room ... 

... with a vintage 80s TV console!

They also played poker!

The ship's library offered books ...

... including one about President Truman!

The ship is full of vintage items.

How about this "antique" telephone and computer!

Here is the Marines' office. 
Imagine reporting to duty with
Gunny Sergeant Gibbs on shift!

No doubt Gibbs conducted inspections
of bunks and uniforms!
Interesting sign for the showers. 
This is a Warrant Officer's Room ... 

... with his distinctive logo.

This is a junior officer's room with his own sink!

This is the XO's suite.

Back on the deck, we could see the
modern ships in Pearl Harbor.
They don't have the big guns!

David found a gun!

The guns are now silent but the
ship's history remains alive.
The Mighty Mo stands guard over the USS Arizona.

What is your favorite "museum"?  One randomly selected commenter from this week's blogs wins a book choice from my convention stash.  This giveaway is open to all readers. Comments are open through Saturday, May 5, 10 pm in Hawaii. I'll post the winner on Sunday, May 6.


Kim in Hawaii

The historic housing area near the Mighty Mo
offers a serene view of the USS Arizona.


  1. My favorite museum has always been the museum of natural history.

  2. The Titanic Museum in Greenwich, England. I visited this one when I was lucky enough to visit England in 2001. I have visited Historical sites in GA. but not called musuem's.
    Loved these pics and hope to see the movie.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter giveaway.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  3. Wonderful pics and very interesting. Pittsburgh has a selection of Carnegie Museums of Art, Natural History, Science Center and Andy Warhol. There's something for everyone and I enjoy them all.

  4. I love natural history museums but I also went to a comic museum once that was fun.

  5. I saw the Battleship trailer last night when we saw The Avengers. I love the Met and the Museum of Natural History.

  6. I like the Metropolitan Museum.

  7. I love to visit the Children's Museum with my youngest grandkids. It's a also a hands on place and the kids have lots of fun.

  8. Oh wow that movie just looks better and better...

    On Oahu, I like the Bishop Museum. It's got just the right blend that keeps adults and kids interested and entertained.

    In San Francisco, the Exploratorium rocks

    In San Jose, if you've got Egyptology fans, the Rosicrucian museum is very interesting (They've got real mummies!)

    I never made the time to go when I lived in FL, but there is a Cracker Museum--as in the people, not the flakey snack. It turns out the Crackers were an actual group of Scots-Irish decent that settled GA and FL. They got their name from the cracking of the whips as they rode by on horse and buggy.

  9. Great pics whoo, any history museum

  10. I like the maritime museum we have here in town.