Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Commemorating Memorial Day in the Republic of Korea

The Republic of Korea commemorates Memorial Day on June 6, honoring those who died from military service.    Earlier this week, we visited the War Memorial - an impressive homage to its military past.

The museum remembers the nations who defended South Korea during the North Korean invasion.

The War Museum offers larger than life depiction of the war ...

... including the impact to civilians.   It just took my breath away.   Two sailors happen to walk by, so I asked to take their picture under the Navy statue.

School children flooded the grounds ....

... and I asked them to give me the shaka.

The front halls list those who gave their lives during the Korean conflict, including Allies by country.

Here's a snapshot of those from Guam and Hawaii.

This oversized statue is poignant.  It is titled, "Two Brothers", the older (larger) from South Korea and the younger (smaller) from North Korea. They meet on the battlefield.   The statue holds the hope for a reunited Korea.

My family stand under the B52 ....

.... and the F5. 

Notice the tiger motif!

David poses by his favorite aircraft, the P51 Mustang. 

The War Museum honors all services, including the Navy.  

We believe the bullet holes came from an incident with North Korea in 2002. 

The War Memorial also remembers Korea's history.  Above is a replica of the stele erected for Gwanggaeto the Great, 374–413 the 19th monarch of Goguryeo, the northernmost of the Three Kingdoms of Korea.   The stele documents his accomplishments, namely expanding his control between the Amur and Han Rivers (stretching from Korea, Manchuria, Russia, and Mongolia).  The original stele still guards his tomb on the North Korean border with China. 

Thank you, Korea, for remembering US military forces at your memorial.


Kim in Korea


  1. Great pics and great history info as usual!

  2. Just amazing. Leaves me speechless and the 'Two Brothers' stature left me in tears. Thank you, Kim.

  3. Those statues tell so much.

  4. Thanks for sharing

  5. You are getting to see so much there. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  6. Great pics. I loved seeing them.

  7. See things like this always moved me to tears...
    A huge thank you for the service men & women .
    Thanks Kim for sharing your time in Japan<3

  8. Great pics Kim. I love the one with all the flags and the statue of the two brothers reminds me of how families would have sons fight on both sides of the US Civil war.

  9. I was stationed on Guam in 77-78. It will always have a special place in my heart. Tweeted.

  10. The Two Soldiers statue reminds me of our own Civil War. Great Memorial Day tribute, Kim.