Monday, June 3, 2013

Aloha to Seoul - Itaewon Shopping District

We are staying at the Dragon Hill Lodge on Yongsan Army Garrison.   Yongsan is home of the United States Forces Korea (USFK).  It is nestled in the rolling hills of Seoul ... and a modern city has has grown around the garrison.  Just outside the gates is the Itaewon Shopping Area.  

Every urban area needs a church!

And a book store!

This shoe shop relies upon the lucky cats, dragons, and even alligators to bring in business!

Kim is a very popular last name in Korea.

I ventured into this souvenir shop ...

... which has been designated a "fair price shop" by a Malaysian tourist!

Soju is a stong alcoholic drink ... 

... I'll just drink the Ginseng Tea.  I bought a few boxes for my prize packages.

Here's some sweet treats from an upscale bakery ... would you buy Grouch's Pucker Up Lemon Square?  I'd rather have Prince William's Chocolate Biscuit Cake.

Korea is known for its custom clothing shops ... and almost every shop owner tries to entice tourists to purchase custom made shirts.   We stopped at this shop because my husband hails from Dayton.  The shop owner gave us his business card with his Korean name and his American nickname - Buddy Hackett.   

I am giving away two prizes for all the posts from Korea and China:

- One box of souvenirs to a US resident
- One envelope of souvenirs to an International reader

Comments are open through Saturday, June 29, 10 pm in Hawaii. I'll post the winners on Sunday, June 30, at the Reading Reviewer.


Kim in Korea


  1. Lovely pics as always Kim. You mean, you had to go all the way to South Korea to find your own camp?

    I can see that you're having a lovely time over there. Enjoy yourself, and make many happy memories. xx

  2. Love the pics! I would get the lemon cake! Lol!

  3. Hey Dr Warren wonder if were related :-)
    Lemon squares my favorite But I remember my friend did a year in Japan teaching she said she will never eat another lemon square again she still puckers thinking about them....
    Now Prince Williams biscuit cake I would try that.
    Thanks Kim for sharing your amazing adventure with us.

  4. So enjoying all the pics! Liked the lucky cats and What the Book lol.

  5. I am so glad that you and your family are enjoying your time in Korea. What an education for your boys!!

  6. Wish I was in Korea shopping. I would probably get some pants and shirts made.

  7. I am so glad that you all seem to be having a lovely time :) I think I would definitely stay away from anything Lemony that had the words pucker up in the name (I don't like sour things much)
    Have fun!

  8. Oh wow... I was in Korea before but I never got to see so many things. I joined a tour group so we were pretty rushed to see everything.

  9. Sounds like you're having a lot of fun :)

  10. I love all the pictures! Thank you for sharing! I was wondering if you see a lot of advertisements or pictures of that guy who does the Gangam Style song? I think he's from Seoul.

  11. Great to visit through your pics.

  12. Kim is indeed a very popular name in Korea. You belong there Kim! :) And what a different combination, fashionable shoes and crocodiles.

  13. Great pictures. Korea is now definitely on my bucket list.

  14. I would hazardous a guess that wherever you are, Kim, it is Camp Kim~ You always take such great pictures! I would like the pecan brownie or the biscuit cake, please and thank you!!

  15. Yes, I would rather buy the Prince William's chocolate biscuit cake too. I'd love to go in the bookstore. And that's a fun photo of Camp Kim!

  16. So, did you buy any of "Kim's Shoes?"