Monday, June 17, 2013

Aloha to Beijing - House of Silk, Temple of Heaven, and A Special Boy

We stopped by the House of Silk ....

... and met a few silkworms!

We learned how to harvest silk and layer it for the perfect comforter!

We also watched this crafty lady weave beautiful tapestries!

I was a bit partial to the Great Wall scene ...

... but we settled on a table runner.    The guide treated us to a "local" lunch.  He helped us order dishes that were not too hot for our American palates.    The chicken with walnuts was delicious!

After lunch, we ventured to the Temple of Heaven.   From its website (link),

The Temple of Heaven is located in southern Beijing.It was first constructed in 1420, the 18th year of the reign of Ming emperor Yongle,and was extended and renovated during the reigns of Ming emperor Jiajing and Qing emperor Qianlong.It was the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties would worship the god of heaven and pray for good harvest. Covering an area of 273 hectaresit is the largest architectural complex in the world for rituals to pay homage to heaven...

The temple of Heaven hosts a series of buildings with inner courts ....

... all in spectacular color!

After the garden tour, we wondered into the Tea House ...

... for the tea ceremony.  We bought several tea cups, tea tins, and the pee-pee boy.   He helps drinkers determine if their tea water is hot enough.   Check out this link for a great article on the tea ceremony and pee pee boy.


Kim in Korea


  1. Loved this. I have always wanted to visit China. Lucky you!! Tweeted.

  2. The tapestries are stunning. I'm sure your runner will bring hours of good memories.

  3. Fantastic pics, and commentary Kim. Did you buy a silk quilt? I would have been so tempted to get one, and buy up a lot of the other goodies too. Lucky you for getting to experience such wonderful things.

  4. Those tapestries are gorgeous. I'll bet seeing the silkworms and how workers put it all together was fascinating.

  5. Oh wow... great pics... I have a few silk pillows and quilt and they are very comfy.

  6. I know one person who visited China but I must say, yours sounds so very more interesting a trip. This was fascinating!

  7. Ooh,silk. I wonder if it's cheaper to buy in China.

  8. OMG I would love to see the Silk house in Person not to mention the Temple...
    man I would have a tough time picking a Tea but not a Teapot.

  9. I love dragons and I love tea.

  10. The pee pee boy...too funny. I'm glad your guide helped with choosing food that wasn't too hot. I would definitely need someone to pick something for me that was "bland" enough for me to eat. Love the colors at the Temple of Heaven.

  11. Beautiful tapestries and buildings. And I love the sound of the Pee Pee boys, LOL. Reminds me of when my nephews where younger and would pass the bathroom to go OUTSIDE to pee. I just had to check and you can get them on Amazon.

  12. I would have such a difficult time choosing what I wanted - your descriptions and pictures are lovely. I definitely would have gone with the chicken and walnuts, too!

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