Thursday, June 20, 2013

Aloha to Beijing - The Great Wall

The Great Wall speaks for itself.  We drove 2 hours outside Beijing to Mutianyu for the best view.  Even the overcast day did not dampen our excitement to step back into time.

As we walked up to the chairlift, an enterprising villager asked us if we wanted to take a picture with a Chinaman.   Of course we did!

We rode up in the cable car that carried the Dali Lama on January 20, 1999 ... we felt blessed.

The mist may have limited long range visibility ... it also enhanced the mystique!

The wall continues up the mountain ... although it is not open to the public past the last gatehouse in the above picture.   I don't have the right camera to capture the wall's grandeur ... just know we had a great day!


Kim in Korea

Here's what is looks like on a clear day ... image by Nicolas Perrault III on Wikipedia.

File:Great Wall of China July 2006.JPG 


  1. Oh my; your misty photo of the wall is wonderful! What a trip you are having!

  2. Unbelievable pics again Kim. What a great site to have visited. You've made yourself some nice "rocking chair" memories of this trip to Korea and China.

  3. Super cool that you and your family got to see the wall. And I'm glad you had a great day doing so!

  4. What a fascinating structure - amazing!

  5. Wow, the views are amazing from the Great Wall.

  6. That is one spot I must visit.

  7. I have been waiting for these photos.
    I so want to go there someday.
    Have a Good One
    Ann/alba STILL JEALOUS

  8. Such beautiful pictures...I would get very dizzy though. I think I like your misty pic better than the one from Wikipedia :)

  9. These pictures are just amazing! Like Ana Alba, I'm so jealous.