Monday, June 10, 2013

Aloha to Tapgol Park, National Treasures, and Insadong Shopping

After visiting the Sungnyemun Gate (National Treasure No. 1), we walked over to Tapgol Park for National Treasures 2 and 3.  From Visit Korea (link),

Also known as Pagoda Park, Tapgol Park is the first modern park to be built in Seoul.  The park is of great historical value and national spirit as it was the starting point of the March 1, 1919 Independence Protest. 

Above is the protest movement; below is Son Byeong-hee.

The park features another colorful pavilion where local residents enjoy the afternoon.

And now for the national treasures ....

... Wongaksaji Sipcheungseoktap.  From Visit Seoul (link),

The Wongaksa pagoda (or Wongaksaji Sipcheungseoktap) is a 10-story stone pagoda originally built during the reign of King Sejo who was the 7th king of the Joseon Dynasty. It is considered one of the finest pagodas of that dynasty and has been designated as the second National Treasure of Korea. 

Daewongaksabi (a stone monument) records the history of Wongaksa (Temple) and was designated the third Treasure of Korea.

I enjoyed the colorful flowers in the park.   

We crossed the street to the entrance of Insadong - a shopping area for both locals and tourists.  Notice the mural from the king's screen!

We found many food vendors ...

 ... including ice cream in this crazy cone!

A local resident demonstrated the cone for us!

Psy and socks are everywhere.

A local student interviewed Chris about his "tourist" experience.  We assumed it was for an English project.  I dug through my purse and gave him granola bars from the US.

I chatted with these young ladies in the traditional hanbok.   They gave us local treats in return!


Kim in Korea


  1. The food looks tasty and the girls look so pretty in their hanbok.

  2. Great pics. I like the mural and pavilion best.

  3. The ice cream cone is way cool. I like the photo of the ladies in the hanbok too. What an awesome trip!

  4. I like the National Treasures and the pavilion - just gorgeous. I wonder what kind of food the vendor is selling? The hanboks the girls are wearing are beautiful.

  5. Those are interesting cones.

  6. Those cones look delicious. Warm and muggy here.

  7. Hanbok and sneakers? COol! It seems like you're having a grand time Kim! :)

  8. So much history and sounds like a fun day too! Did you try that ice cream?

  9. Love the ice cream! I want to eat it!

  10. I'm so jealous. The ice cream looks good.

  11. I love all the colors in both the architecture, flowers, and the clothing :)