Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hawaii versus Paris - Hickam Commissary and Aloha Shirts

We are counting down the days to my interview with Amy Thomas, author of PARIS MY SWEET.    Rain delayed my trip to Chinatown ... so I offer you a trip to the Hickam Commissary to showcase food that you probably won't find in Paris.  Almost all military bases have commissaries - food stores.   The commissary originally served the military personnel stationed in remote locations. Today, they are a vital benefit for military families in high cost areas, including overseas.    Hawaii is considered an overseas location and food is shipped from the mainland.   But we do have a few "local" staples ....

... including pineapples!

Poke (poe-kay) is raw fish salad - a popular dish at luau.
The commissary offers fish from the Pacific Rim.
The lower right are oysters from New Zealand!

The sushi chef is ready to make your order!

We have a huge aisle for Asia food.

Soy sauce comes in gallon sizes!

These are packaged snacks I often send to readers.

When I am in the mood for salty, I try the
Japanese snacks, including Wasabi peas.

When I am in the mood for sweet, I try
dried coconut - a favorite of Katie Babs!

Now the chocolate section .... 

We have nany variations of macadamia nuts
in the individual bags ... 

.... and gift boxes.
Here are teas I stuff into winners' packages.

What is something  "unique" in your local grocery store?  One randomly selected commenter (from all the posts this week) will win a WHY HAWAII RIVALS PARIS gift box with some of the above goodies.  This giveaway is open to all readers.  Comments are open through Saturday, February 11.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, February 12.


Kim in Hawaii

The French have berets ... we have baggers in Aloha shirts.
Most are teens saving for college!


  1. We have Duran fruit, it is spikey,thanks for, the prizes

  2. Unique? Hmm, I really can't think of anything. I live on the Oregon coast so I guess we have fresh fresh a lot especially salmon. Not that exciting! LOL! BTW Love the tea's that you send. My daugther loved the pineapple! Thanks!

  3. We have a little local store that showcases things grown relatively locally. I like getting my produce there and they also have delicious dried pineapple! I am jealous of your access to fresh pineapple (-:
    I miss the hard pineapple candy that I used to get from the ABC stores and fortunately a friend brought back some from the Dole factory (that I guard zealously). A friend gave me pineapple Jelly Bellies for Christmas so I have renewed my acquaintance with them as well!

  4. Everything looks so good!

  5. Can't think of anything unique, but since I moved to Italy I always wonder about certain products that you can buy only once a year for certain holidays/occasions. For example, in Sicily pasta with 5 holes and Angel wings (crisp pastry) are available only during Carnival season. No entry for me. Good luck to everyone!

  6. I've seen guava jelly in the latin foods section.

  7. the tea I allready know is so delicious I wish I could get my hands on more of it ! The chocolate looks divine !

  8. We live an area that can supply just about anything but I like the health food stores. They are where I can find the best gluten free items

  9. Here in Las Vegas we have something called Cactus Candy...made with real cactus. I've had it a few times and it tastes pretty good.

    That chocolate isle looks so good...lol anytime is a good time for chocolate. I love the chocolate covered macadamia nuts you sent...good grief those are good.

  10. Wow, between the Wasabe peas(my mom loved them)the dried coconut (yum) and macadamia nuts,(my favorite) I'm in heaven lol. The teas I thank you for because they are so rare here.
    There are so many different foods here because of all the different cultures around here. Hmmm, I guess the salt water taffy in a million flavors is unique to Atlantic City.:)
    I love this blog .It looks really delicious. :)
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  11. Love those pictures Kim. What memories they bring back of commissary shopping!

    Something you won't find in every grocery store: Boiled peanuts! A southern delicacy.

  12. Everything looks so interesting. I'm always willing to try something at least once. Our store use to sell frozen escargot with garlic butter but alas because of some new rules, they aren't allowed to sell them in their shells.


  13. Okay - my mouth just dropped wide open a the chocolate section and the macadamia nuts!! I'm having trouble thinking of something unique in our grocery stores. I usually have to go for the basics because my family has very basic food likes. I have seen emu and ostrich in the meat section of one of the markets - but very expensive.

  14. I think I gorged myself silly on dried coconut when I was in Maui. I miss it so much!

  15. My market offers has locally produced apple butter, which is delicious on fresh biscuits.