Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Aloha to Punchbowl Cemetery, Roundtop Drive, and Pali Lookout

Today my travel club made a special Valentine's Day visit to Punchbowl Cemetery, Roundtop Drive, and the Pali Lookout.  I set the pictures to extra large to capture the beauty of Hawaii.

The greatest love of all is sacrifice.

Nadja wants to visit Guam, the setting of 
her current series.

The day of infamy

The older brother died in the war while the younger survived.
But they lie together in eternal rest.

The 442 Infantry is the highest decorated unit from WWII.
It was comprised of Japanese Americans, many from Hawaii.
Wilfred died days after the atomic bomb.
His wife lived another 65 years as his widow.

Colonel Onizuka was born in Hawaii.

Ivy gives thanks at the reflecting pool.

A view of Diamond Head.

Hawaii's state flower blooms in the sunlight.

Next stop - Roundtop Drive and the Pu'u 'Ualaka'a 
State Wayside.  The airport is located to the west.  
Punchbowl is the white structure in the lower right
(an inch above the word Pu'u)
Another view of Diamond Head.
Nadja and Ivy

Palms among the concrete jungle.

Next stop - Nu'uanu Pali Lookout 
Kaneohe Bay

Koolau Mountains

Have you visited a historic cemetery?  scenic drive?  breathtaking lookout?  One randomly selected commenter will win a book choice from my convention stash.  Comments are open through Saturday, February 18, 10 pm in Hawaii.  I'll post the winners on Sunday, February 19.


Kim in Hawaii

Renee and Nadja are published authors.
I'll spotlight them next week!


  1. As always, wonderful photos, Kim. Thanks for sharing. 2 years ago we visited Udine War Cemetery (1939 - 1945). This cemetery contains 414 burials of which 14 are unidentified by name, and by countries they comprise:
    United Kingdom - 317
    Australia - 11
    New Zealand - 41
    South Africa - 40
    Pioneer corps of Southern Africa - 4
    Entirely unidentified - 1

    It is very beautiful and peaceful place & many people from all around the world come to visit it (according the guestbook).

  2. We didn't get to visit Arlington National Cemetery when we toured D.C. when I was in junior high. I do want to see the Eternal Flame and the memorials.

  3. what a wonderful place and cute ivy ;)

  4. Great photos as always. The Unknown soldier grave really touches my heart. Makes me wonder who he is, who his family was, etc. We visited some historic cemeteries when we went to Boston. And we saw some breathtaking lookouts on our trip last year to Alberta's national parks. I could seriously sit for hours looking at some of the beautiful lakes surrounded my mountains that are abundant up there.

  5. A place I've visited that has lots of amazing scenery is Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland.

  6. My goodness those pictures are so pretty. One of the places I visited when I was a kid was Big Bear in California. We rented a log cabin a few times when I was a kid and rented a boat and went on the lake. I loved going there in the winter because I could go outside without having to fight off the

  7. Wonderful pics as always. I've seen Arlington twice and it's quite impressive. The most recent was a few years back when we traveled from PA to FL and stopped at quite a few lookouts on the way. VA had some wonderful ones.


  8. I can't believe how beautiful it is, I have been to Arlington several times. When I was very young, we were there when Jackie Kennedy came to visit the grave.

  9. The temples of ankor, war in Asia

  10. I had the breathtaking (literally) experience of seeing Pike's Peak and Royal Gorge in Colorado.

  11. I've visited Arlington.

  12. I've visited a historic cemetery in Boston many years ago. I've also seen a number of scenic drives and breathtaking lookouts in New York, Vermont, Arkansas, California and New Mexico; sadly the names escape me.

  13. I went to Oregon a few years ago to visit my grandparents. They live in St. Helens. My grandma took me to see so many different things. I seen a wild life place, it had a lake and trees surrounding it on one side. We seen so many different animals. They took me to the ocean. To a few historical spots. My favorite, its a cliff that over looks a river and its gorgeous. I loved it there. Ive never visited a historical cemetery. Thanks!

  14. Beautiful pictures as always Kim :). I've been to xi an in China to see the emperor's tomb. It is totally cool , because I can see the soldiers that were made of stones :), aretha_zhen(at)yahoo(dot)com, Aretha zhen