Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Aloha to Leonard's Malasadas, Silent Warriors, Storage Auctions and Jellie's Books

Tuesday's adventure took us to the leeward side for Leonard's Malasadas in Waikele. The ladies engaged in Ho`olauna `Ana (friendly conversation) as they packed the chocolate creme, custard creme, and haupia (coconut) creme malasadas (donuts).

Next stop - the silent warriors (decommissioned ships)
in Pearl Harbor's West Loch.

These gentle giants served with distinction ... 

... and now enjoy retirement in Paradise!

Nadja and Ivy enjoy the sun ... 
... Ivy enjoys a fruit snack!

Our curiosity took us to a storage auction in Waipahu.
Inspired by Storage Wars, I chatted with some of 

the "pros" who make their money reselling 
everyday goods at swap meets. 
I'll write more about the auction in a future post.

Last stop - Jellie's Books in Aeia.  It is a "Bohemian"
store with gently read books, gently heard CDs,
and gently viewed  DVDs.  Ivy found a book!

Where do you buy books - retailer?  independent?  online?  One randomly selected commenter from this week's blogs will win a book choice from my convention stash.  This giveaway is open to all readers.  Comments are open through Saturday, March 3, 10 pm in Hawaii.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, March 4.


Kim in Hawaii

Jellie's promotion for the Red Cross .


  1. I buy books from all sorts of places...used bookstores when I travel, Amazon, (sigh Waldenbooks/Borders was my favorite place), swap sites, etc. but I very rarely will buy a book if I don't have some kind of discount or coupon! Fortunately, I have two different library systems to work with so I frequently patronize both and occasionally donate some of the money I would have spent to purchase new books to the library which is always in a budget crunch!

  2. Well I am specific about the books I buy I am into certain genres and certain authors , not all stores here stock them all so it is most of the time a store hop to find the ones I am looking for. But used bookstores and retail stores are useually where I end up.

  3. I love to haunt used book stores but if I really want a book. I just go to Barnes and Noble.

  4. i buy book from book store, online book shop and book depository ;)

  5. I love seeing Ivy with her book. I buy my books onliine, at the local Barnes and Noble, and at a few independent books stores around town.

  6. I like to buy books at our Half- Price book store. I get great bargains. I also will buy from B&N or Amazon. I also go to our library sale once a year and sometimes to garage sales or flea markets. I donate some of my books to our senior citizen center and to our hospital.

  7. I buy most of my books online and if I have time I'll go to Strand's to browse the thousands and thousands of used books.

  8. I get them at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, a thrift store that sells books at 10% of the original price, used book stores and I give some back to my American Legion.


  9. Online mostly whoo

  10. I buy books all over the place: Amazon, Barnes & Noble (both on-line and in store), The Book Depository, Half-Price Book stores (both on-line and in store), library sales - wherever I find a good book needing a home!

  11. I buy books online.

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  12. when it comes to english books i got if from winning some giveaways like this, but when it comes to my language, i bought them in bookstores nearby :D