Sunday, January 22, 2012

Aloha to Scout Camping at Bellows Beach

My older son's Boy Scout Troop hosted the Webelos II (including my younger son) during a camp out at Bellow Beach.  Actually, it is Bellows Air Force Station that happens to have an awesome beach (at this link)    Since the Webelos II are still Cub Scouts, a "responsible" adult was required to attend.  I stayed in a cabin nearby the camp site.

Here's my cabin overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Steps leading down to the sea.

To the left is one of two islands collectively
named Mokulua (Two Islands).

To the right is the beach with the
Ko'olau Mountains in the background.

In the distance is Rabbit Island (left)
and Mokapu Outlook (right).

Here's our den leader ... 

.... and his younger son.

An Army mom who did sleep in a tent!

Sherry came for the day as her husband flew
home from Seattle to swap out for the night. 
One patrol cooked the dinner .... 

... while others played football with the Webelos
(Andrew is second from right and David is far right).

Since Andrew is tall, he is quarterback!

The palms remind me that I live in Paradise!

The sun rising outside my cabin.

A rainbow sent the scouts home with good cheer.

I drove home two Webelos - David and Elijah.
We stopped at the Halona Outlook. 

To the right is the beach scene in the WWII movie,
It was windy and the surf was high.

To the left is Sandy Beach, popular for kite flyers.

One last stop - the Koko Head Outlook.

I invite you to share a story of "roughing it".


Kim in Hawaii

Diamond Head in the distance. 


  1. I don't rough it! Roughing it to me is not having enough batteries for my booklight after the sun has gone down. I salute your fortitude and appreciate the beauty that you have shared with us.

  2. On one of our camping/roughing it trips, my husband took me on a walk in the moonlight (very romantic) with the coyotes howling as background music (glad I was with my husband!).

    These pictures are wonderful!

  3. I don't do much roughing it these days. I did some camping in a tent when I was a kid but now a days it would have to be done with a log cabin, running water..ect.

  4. I used to love to camp. I have camped in tents and cabins and out under the stars.

  5. I've never been camping and can't really think of a time where I had to rough it in the wild.

  6. All my experiences have been with the Girl Scouts. One year instead of staying in tents, we all roomed in one large lodge. One mother snored so loudly (worse than my husband which is saying something) that another leader and I stayed up all night playing cards. By the time I got home I was practically incoherent I was so tired lol.


  7. The hubby and I hiked to and camped at Havasu Falls (Havasupai) in the Grand Canyon. It is an indian reservation and not part of the national park. 10 mile hike in. Mail is brought to the Supai village down in the canyon by mule train...still to this day. It is so beautiful there. We slept in our tent to the sound of Havasu Falls. Swam in the water in pool of the waterfall (very cold indeed) and hiked to other sights in the canyon. It's well worth the trip and I'd love to go again someday.

  8. I did a little hiking at yosmite

  9. "Roughing it" That is not in my vocabulary! To me roughing it would be going camping with out a airbed and heater!LOL! I'm a big baby! Thanks for sharing with us today!