Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Aloha to Ka'ena Point

How do you like my opening photo?  In early December, our Cub Scout Pack visited the Ka'ena Point Satellite Tracking Station.  Ka'ena  is the westernmost point on Oahu where the Wai'anae (West) and Mokulēʻia (east) coastlines come to a point.   


Ka'ena is "heat" in Hawaiian.  Some consider it the "leaping point" for souls leaving this world.  Thus, it is an excellent location for a tracking station!  Notice the white dots in the above picture - they are the satellite dishes and domes.

"Masters of Space"

Views of the Wai'enae Coast, 

including and Yokohama Bay.

The Scouts line up for a photo after .... 

.... the wild turkey flew away!

David finds a large golf ball!

I am trying to create "euphoric" photos .... 

... with my cheap digital camera.

Still, the clouds were so fluffy!
We encountered a wild pig!
The weather station provided
a view of the Mokulēʻia coast
The point is a reserve for nesting Laysan
Albatrosses and wedge tailed Shearwaters.

I was too nervous to stand on the overlook.

We hiked behind the station for one
of the Webelos Merit Badge.

Kim in Hawaii

I was the only Mom on the hike!


  1. Proud of you, Kim! This past November we went to Fairfield Bay in Arkansas. One of the places we visited was Sugar Loaf Mountain rising out of Greers Ferry Lake. It was memorable for me because we climbed it(elevation of about 700 ft) and I survived it!!!

  2. Sorry! I meant to thank you - will send email. Congratulations to everyone. Also - these are great pictures, Kim!

  3. Thanks so much, Kim. We did a little hiking on the Kohala coast, but I'm not sure which trail.

  4. I wish I could hike where those pictures are. But I have gone on a few hikes where water falls are at the end. They are such a treat.

  5. Congrats to all the winners.
    Kim I will email you today with my choice.
    Thanks so very much.

  6. Thanks Kim, and congrats to all the winners.
    Love the photos of the big golf ball :).
    We did a lot of hiking on our trip to Canada this past summer. The glacial lakes were beautiful...some so green, some so blue. Got to see some gorgeous waterfalls too.

  7. Looks like the wildlife was taking a tour as well! Thanks for the prize and congrats to everyone as well.

  8. I really enjoyed walking near Lake Louise.

  9. Thanks, wtgo, others

  10. Thanks so much Kim and big congrats to the other winners! A place where I hiked was in Edinburgh. I went from the newer part of the town up the hill to the castle and Royal Mile further on to university where I was staying at that time. I went several kilometres always up, it was fun and hard work. LOL

  11. Love the photos from Hawaii. They may be the closest I get to paradise.