Sunday, January 29, 2012

Aloha to the Colors of Hawaii

Missing Man Formation overlooking the Pearl Harbor Channel;

Two weeks ago, I rode my bike across the base to soak up the colors of Hawaii.

Red, white, blue, and silver.

Green palms blowing in the wind.

Red berries from the palm tree.

Bird of Paradise

Green and yellow plants.

White sailboat on blue sea.

Red .... 

Orange .... 
The white sailboat passes the red chairs.

The dog enjoys the sandbar.
I discovered this marker on Fort Kamehameha.

This is the heiau (temple) ... 

... where Hawaiians still leave gifts for their gods.

What colors surround you? 


Kim in Hawaii

I caught the white spray of the crashing waves.


  1. The trees are bare right now, so there's not much green. I do have a lot of blue here since it's my favorite color and some pink and white from some flowers.

  2. nice pics thanks
    wtg winners
    green now and purple

  3. Not too many bright colors right now. We have all the colors of winter. Some white snow, brown grass and tress and there is still some green left as winter is a bit mild so far.

  4. Love the photos. We have lots of green right now. In fact we just had relatives visit us from South Dakota and they kept commenting on how green it is. Their town was snowy white when they left to come visit us in CA.

  5. Thank you for the win!! And thank you for letting us soak up your colors too - such gorgeous pics, especially the flowers! Right now most everything is brown. We have had a strange winter with barely any snow (not complaing but white is prettier than brown lol). Although the plants are so confused that I do so some weeds popping up their heads lol.

  6. Oh my goodness I love your pictures. I showed hubby the pictures and he's all like, we have got to go there. lol

    The colors around me are green (Cactus) Brown and tan (Dirt and rocks) and pink (Cactus flowers)..but if I go on the strip at night the colors are all the bright lights from the Hotels and casino's.

  7. If I have a choice, blue is the color that surrounds me most often, preferably an electric sapphire blue (-:
    Like Mary, I have a lot of brown and tan in my environment but don't have the bright lights of Vegas to counteract. Fortunately the roses and iris flourish to provide a little counterpoint to the desert flora.

  8. A lot of blue sky and green from all the trees. Your pictures look amazing.

  9. Congratulations to catslady and Natalija! Kim, gorgeous pictures!! This summer we saw a lot of brown due to our drought, but normally we have lots of different shades of green in the grass and different types of trees. There's the lovely pink of the miniature tea rose bush my husband gave me. We also have the purple of the sage when it flowers - which is several times a year. And I can't overlook the beauty of the Bluebonnets and the various colors of the wildflowers in the spring or the blue of the Texas sky.

  10. Aloha Kim, love your pictures so much. The Colours around me would be the blue sky. Every morning I love to walk around my home just to see the blue sky and the white cloud. Cheers to you,

  11. Wow, really great photos, thanks for sharing! Made me want to visit Hawaii all the more!