Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Aloha to Dallas - Take a Walk on the Historical Side


Fan favorites dressed up for the annual Historical party.  

Top row, Hildie McQueen and Elizabeth Hoyt (aka Wiggy). 

Middle row:  Sharon Page, Sabrina Jeffries, and Beth Williamson.  

Bottom Row:  Victoria Vane, Ally Broadfield, Elizabeth Essx, Julia Justiss, Ella Quinn, and Gina Conkle.

Elizabeth Essex dressed in a Regency gown; she hosted the Battle of Trafalgar table at the SOS America Military Tribute (link).

The tables were decorated with shoes ... above is the 60s!

Beth Williamson loves cowboys!

This shoe represents time travel.

Victoria Vane is all smiles for readers.  If you dressed in a historical costume, what time period would you represent? One randomly selected commenter from my RT posts wins a book choice from my convention stash. Comments are open through Sunday, May 31. I'll post the winner on Monday, June 1, at SOS Aloha.


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm Cit

Below, Heather Graham in blue. 


  1. I love the Historical times I would love the Regency time but I do love them all.

  2. Maybe something from the Georgian period.

  3. Love the period costume picture!

  4. I would like to wear something from the Medieval time

  5. As a one time thing, it would probably be Regency (truly can't imagine having to dress like that on a daily basis!).

  6. How fun! Love the dresses and the shoe table ornaments. I would dress in the Regency period.

  7. Somehow, I really like to be comfortable, so I don't know that there is a period I really would want to emulate.

  8. I'd probably go for the 1920's flapper dresses.

  9. Whilst I love reading about Regency romance, I would opt for a Georgian costume, as their clothes were much lovelier than the Regency ones,

  10. Looks like so much fun! Love all the costumes, I definitely love to go in a Regency period ball gown!

  11. I'd might go for Medieval - but whatever time period I would want it to be pretty & sparkly!