Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Celebrate the Navy's 239th Birthday - Life at Sea with USS George Washington (part 2)

I share the pictures I found in a "cruise photo album" from the USS George Washington ...


It takes a village to operate the ship and perform missions ...

The crew stays alert for the fast action on the flight deck ...

... with many types of aircraft.

The flight deck is one of the most dangerous job in the military.

Maintenance above deck ...

 ... and below deck.

Thank you US Navy - active duty, reserves, civilians, spouses, and family members - for your selfless service!  One randomly selected commenter from this week's blogs wins a book choice from my convention stash.  Comments are open through Saturday, October 18, 10 pm in Baltimore.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, October 19.


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

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  1. Thanks for compiling this to show people what our aircraft carriers do, Kim! It is very exciting and life aboard - as you say - is one of the most dangerous jobs in the military! God bless our troops and Happy Birthday, Navy!

  2. it's like it's own town on those carriers! I must be amazing to be on one at sea!

  3. It's interesting to see all the action and work that goes on a ship.

  4. My brother was in the Navy. He repaired radars. Strange but everyone else is my family is Army.

  5. I think one must be a very special type of person to serve on a carrier!

  6. thanks for such a fun post :)