Friday, July 12, 2013

Aloha to Pupukea - Boy Scout Camp

Two weeks ago, my children attended the Boy Scout Camp atop the hill that overlooks Pupukea.  Pupu means "shell" and kea is "white", so it is "white shell".  

It poured during my children's encampment ... so I drove up this past week to take pictures in the sun. 

Speaking of the sun, these jeans, used for lifesaving training, dry out in the akala.

My kids often talk about the trading post ...

... they may buy snacks, while I would buy a T-Shirt! 

I asked my youngest about the Wild Cat Trail.  He replied, "Do you remember my mud coated shoes?  The mud came from the Wild Cat Tail!"  The trail leads to the archery range ... my son earned his Archery Merit Badge!

On the way home, we drove through Hale'iwa ... and spotted this sunflower field.

Did you attend summer camp?


Kim in Hawaii


  1. No summer camp for me... Never think that I would be the type to enjoy it!

  2. No, but I would have loved to as a child. So when my girls were in girl scouts I went with them as an assistant leader and/or a mother and really enjoyed it. Love the sunflowers and curious about why it's called the wild cat trail lol.

  3. Beautiful sunflowers! I only attended two was 6th grade camp for a week, and the other was the summer after 6th grade at a camp for all the volunteer student safety patrol kids. 6th grade camp was very structured, patrol camp was not, and even had a candy store. :)

  4. I never attended summer camp. I can't imagine how much fun I missed out on.

  5. I don't recall attending a summer camp but I do remember my parents sending me to work in one when I was 14. Not the same!!