Monday, July 22, 2013

Aloha to Ka'ena Point - All the way to the end!

We rented a Jeep 4WD to visit Ka'ena Point - the western tip of Oahu.  Inbound airplanes fly the length of the South Shore, turn around at Ka'ena Point, and begin their descent over Pearl Harbor into the International Airport.

From Hawaii State Parks (link),

The trail to Ka‘ena Point follows an old railroad bed and former dirt road that ran along the westernmost point of O‘ahu. The trail leads to Ka‘ena Point Natural Area Reserve, a remote and scenic protected area harboring some of the last vestiges of coastal sand dune habitat on the island, and home to native plants and seabirds. Whales frequent this shoreline during the winter months.

First stop - Hidden Beach.  It truly is a hidden gem ... 

... that this dog is enjoying!

I love the variety of colors - black lava rock, green naupaka plant, and white virgin sand.

Kama'aina (local) wades out to the lava shelf.

From the Hawai'i Department of Land and Natural Resource (link),

Within the reserve is leina ka `uhane (Spirit Leap), which is considered to be a wahi pana, a celebrated legendary place. 

Another view of Leina ka 'Uhane ...

... which brings us to Ka'ena Point.

We continued to the tip, where we found WWII pillbox with an intriguing mural.

As I looked to the offshore lava rocks ... 

... I spotted a Hawaiian monk seal in the tidal pool.

I could spend hours watching the kai (sea).

The tip slopes into the kai ... 

... leading to another hidden beach!

The naukapa is a unique plant that is found near the kai and atop the moana (mountain).  It blooms a half flower.

Check out this link for the legend and the chant.


Walking back, we noticed the clouds move over Yokohama Bay on the South Shore ... 

... and kama'aina fishing from the lava shelf from the North Shore!  


Kim in Hawaii


  1. Just absolutely beautiful - very untouched!

    1. Yes, it is untouched. I think the kama'anai (locals) want to keep it that way so there is no initiative to pave over the eroding dirt road. You must have a 4WD and patience to drive over the rutted path.

  2. What a cute dog! And lovely pics of the beach as usual. :)

  3. I love seeing the seals in their natural habitat.

  4. Lovely pics, especially the monk seal.

  5. Amazing photos - thank you for sharing your memories with us!

  6. Looks like a nice place

  7. What a fun day! The Jeep looks fun to drive, and all the places are so scenic.