Sunday, July 7, 2013

Aloha to the Ka Iwi State Scenic Shoreline

We woke early Saturday morning for hike up the Ka Iwi State Scenic Shoreline.  From the Hawaii State Parks website (link),

A 1-mile hike (one-way) along a paved roadway leads to a lookout atop a headland above the historic Makapu'u lighthouse.  At various points along the route there are sweeping views of the southeastern O'ahu coastline, and migrating humpback whales may be visible during whale season.  

Southbound we see Koko Head (middle distance) and Hanauma Bay (right inlet). 

The first pu'u (hill) reveals ...

... a World War II pillbox.

In fact, we found more pillboxes along the trail.

We passed this runner on the road, who then lapsed us running up the trail ... and back down ... all the way backwards.

The trail cuts above the Makapu'u Lighthouse.  From Lighthouse Friends (link),

According to Hawaiian legend, Makapu`u was a supernatural being who, after arriving from Tahiti, took up residence on the point now bearing her name. This being's defining feature was her set of eight bright eyes, which is reflected in her name Makapu`u, Hawaiian for bulging eye. On October 1, 1909, the light from another bright, bulging eye was seen on the rocky point of Makapu`u as the giant lens in the Makapu`u lighthouse was illuminated for the first time. 

This memorial remembers the PBY-5A crew who crashed in foul weather.

The trail head gave us jaw dropping views of the bay ...

... Kāohikaipu Island (left, forward) and Mānana Island (right) ...

... and the Marine Corps Base Kaneohe on the the Mokapu Peninsula (shaped like a honu - turtle).

The view looking down was equally inspiring ...

.... including the Mokapu'u Lighthouse.

We noticed several "locks" attached to the overlook.  We believe they were placed by newlyweds, making a commitment to their future together.

A few brave tourists climbed up to and on top of the pillboxes along the ridge ...

.... while we walked back to the shoreline.

The sun casts a shadow at the foot of the Koko Crater ...

... inside the crater, the  City of Honolulu is cultivating a botanical garden at this link.  More adventurous tourists hike up the left side of Koko Crater, along the former railroad tracks that served a ridgeline pillbox.  Here's a link to a local's perspective of the trail.   The trail was featured on H50 Season Two in which Steve just ran up it!

In the distance, we spot an unusual rock formation (lower left) ... 

... that looks like a tiki statue!  Every angle offered a beautiful view!


Kim in Hawaii


  1. Amazing sites. Loved the legend. Thanks

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  3. Wow... great pics! I really wanna be there!

  4. Gorgeous views! What a wonderful hike. I love seeing the lighthouse too.

  5. Oh, so many great pics. I like to think that all legends are based on some truth!

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