Monday, March 11, 2013

Aloha to Turtle Beach on the North Shore

The North Shore is famous for its monster waves .... and Turtle Beach.   The surf calms down (just a bit) in this cove where honu (turtles) come ashore.

Here is Nalukai ... aka Brutus!

The volunteers from Malama na Honu (Protect the Turtles) rope off the area once a honu comes ashore.   The Hawaiian green sea turtle is an endangered species and it is illegal to interact with them.   Malama na Honu strikes a balance by allowing tourists to view the honu behind the rope.   The volunteers also provide helpful information about the honu.

Brutus enjoys the sun ... and surf!

Sometimes the surf washes the turtles high onto the beach.  They find their way back to the kai (sea).

In the distance, I enjoyed the 10 foot waves roll into the pipeline.   

A few surfers ventured into the kai ...

... taking advantage of the winter waves.

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Kim in Hawaii

To learn more about Malama na Honu, check out their website at  

Dedicated volunteers with Malama na Honu.


  1. I love the turtles. I saw them at a black sand beach.

  2. When my sister lived in Hawaii, she often sent me turtle themed things--pictures, playing cards, coasters etc., which I've shared with an artist friend who likes marine themes. More pics to share. Thanks.

  3. Oh, I would love to see that. How wonderful that they are protecting those fantastic sea creatures!!! Love the pics.

  4. Wow... what big turtles! Never seen any so big before.

  5. Brutus is one handsome turtle! Love his pictures and those of Turtle Bay. Glad there are volunteers that look out for the turtles.

  6. I love the turtles. Brutus is so cute. Thanks for introducing him to us!

  7. Hopefully I'll get to see Brutus in person someday.

  8. Love turtles, gret pics

  9. The first picture reminds me of the beach in our province. So beautiful.