Thursday, March 7, 2013

Aloha to the Hickam Heritage Trail (part 1)

My oldest son, Andrew, is creating a "Hickam Heritage Trail" for his Eagle Scout project.   He is publishing a brochure for a family friendly walk to the base's historical sites.   He led a team of volunteers to write the directions and descriptions ... I followed with my camera.  Above is the Nellis Chapel.

It is named for Army PFC Nellis, Chaplain's Assistant, who was killed in action on December 7, 1941.

Two sites overlook the Pearl Harbor Channel - Hickam Elementary School and the Freedom Tower.

The statue of an Oahu ali'i (chief) greets students as they arrive at Hickam Elementary School.

The school librarian (left) happened to walk out of the school and joined us for a picture.  

 From the school's website,

Kalani I Ka Lewa
Ascend to the Heavens

Kalani I Ka Lewa by artist Viliami Toluta’u was inspired by the natural instinct in humanity to be free as we are in America. The young Ali’i (chief) is releasing an eagle into the heavens, symbolizing the potential of children to soar high in life with education as their wings. The young Ali’i also pay homage to the spirit of the Freedom Tower with hope that the children emulate the eagle in exploring and scouting their horizons and its limitless possibilities. A grant from the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts (Art in Public Places Program) provided the funding for this special work of art.

The ali'i looks up to the Freedom Tower ... 

... the water tower was renamed the Freedom Tower in honor of Hickam Field's 50th anniversary.

From the school, we rambled over to the Pearl Harbor channel walkway, popular with runners, strollers, and dogs.  In the distance, the Wai'anae Range rises over the Ewa Plain.  

The Wright Bros. Cafe offered a refreshment break.

The channel trail leads to the Missing Man Formation, honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  One randomly selected commenter from this week's blogs wins a book choice from my convention stash.   This giveaway is open to all readers.  Comments are open through Saturday, March 9, 10 pm in Hawaii.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, March 10.


Kim in Hawaii

The librarian noted the school grounds previously served as the base's nursery.   Hence, Hickam has an abundance of flowers, including the Bird of Paradise.


  1. Very interesting! I hope your son makes it to Eagle Scout!!

    1. If he isn't already! Does he have to do a project to become an Eagle Scout or is this for something else?

  2. Wow! congrats to your son!

  3. What a worthwhile project. Best wishes for your son's success.

  4. You're so blessed to live on this amazing base. Your pictures are always amazing. You should take up professional photography.

    Wishing Andrew lots of luck on his journey to Eagle Scout.

  5. That is very cool that your son is working on his Eagle Scout project. And nice that you got to go with him to take your photos.

  6. What a great project - thanks for the tour!

  7. The Bird of Paradise is so lovely.

  8. Enjoy the journey to Eagle scout. Best of luck

  9. That's so cool. I have always loved the bird of paradise, it's just so unique.

  10. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous, I especially love the bird of paradise, nature is amazing to give us such blessings.

  11. Hi Kim,

    My congratulations to Andrew on working toward being an Eagle Scout. It's a that many strive for but few complete but I know that he will be successful with paying tribute though his project of coming up with a brochure for a family friendly walk to the base's historical sites.

    His project is an honor to the fallen from that fateful time in our history.

  12. I'm offering my Congratulations to Andrew as well. I understand the honor associated with becoming an Eagle Scout. I'm sure it will also become a wonderful remembrance of your stay in Hawaii. Great pictures.

  13. Congrats, great pics Ty,

  14. Congratulations Andrew, love the pictures!

  15. Wow...I never found out about this and I'm a hickam....however I did know about the airfield of course