Sunday, March 17, 2013

Aloha to Hickam Heritage Trail (part 2)

Returning to my son's Eagle Scout Project, we started from the Missing Man Formation in front of the Officers'  Club.

The club offers several historical displays ....

... including a special china pattern.  Notice the Freedom Tower as Hickam's logo.

We walked toward the historic hangers, now home of several squadrons.

The hangers lead to the Big Barracks - home of 3000 airmen on December 7, 1941.

The Japanese bombed the Big Barracks and the adjacent airfield.  The building is now the headquarters for Pacific Air Forces, but it maintained the strafing marks to honor its history.

The Japanese Zeroes aimed for the building interior ...

 ... this metal stair case still has the bullet holes.

The Big Barracks hosts the Courtyard of Heroes to remember those who served in World War II, Korea, and Southeast Asia.
The building is open to the public.   Above is the original flag that flew on the Hickam Flagpole on December 7, 1941.

I'll post pictures from the final leg later this week.  One randomly selected commenter from this week's posts wins a book choice from my convention stash.  This giveaway is open to all readers.  Comments are open through Saturday, March 23, 10 pm in Hawaii.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, March 24, at SOS Aloha.


Kim in Hawaii

Freedom Tower - the inspiration of the china motif.


  1. I would love to visit this museum. I think my husband would love it.

  2. I love history and this was such a vital part. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is the stuff I want to see when & If I visit Hawaii.
    A long time friend I had not seen in a while stopped by on Wednesday She had just got back from Australia & New Zealand , She is a History School teacher ( grade 9 & 10 ) decide to take a year off sell her house & travel. At the beginning of 2012 Summer she went to Germany Denmark France Switzerland Austria, later that year she had a Caribbean cruise where she took a week here & there then back on the ship.
    Her next trip Is Hawaii I told her all about the places she should be going Gave her the blog name, Hope she stops by,
    From there it is England Ireland Wales & Scotland this is a 2 Month tour with time off in-between.
    I am envious I is a trip of a Life time I am also Happy she is doing this Now at 35 with no commitment's it is the perfect Time.
    Have a good one Ann/alba.

  4. Great history. :) Thanks for the photos!

  5. I've not seen these pics before, so I was really surprised to discover things previously unknown to me. Those bullet holes on the stair case amazed me. Wow, they really zeroed in on their target when they attacked.

  6. Love the china. And it is quite something to see the bullet holes. Thanks for sharing this history with us, along with the great photos.

  7. I was lucky to see some of the base but that was over 40 yrs. ago. I enjoy hearing all the history and of course your pics.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  8. I've been to Hickham, but not the Big Barracks.

  9. Looks like an interesting place to visit

  10. An excellent project. Best wishes to your son.

  11. I thoroughly enjoy these history lessons - thank you, Kim. Great project your son has undertaken. Looking forward to the next update.

  12. I would never see any of this stuff without the great pictures you post. So thank you.

  13. Thank you for another very emotionally moving post! The hairs on my arms raised while viewing the pictures.

  14. Ty wtg winners
    Great pics

  15. Hi Kim -

    I was glad to see that they have honored the fallen during of the attach on Hawaii by preserving Hickham Air Force base.

    "To those who made the ultimate sacrifice, I salute you. Let us not forget today, those who gave all."

  16. What great pictures Kim...thank you for posting them.

  17. I love the view of the Freedom Tower. It looks like quite a sight, very tall! It's nice to see the building on the china plates as well.