Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Aloha to Dog Beach

Hickam offers a stetch of beach for dogs near the mouth of Pearl Harbor.  It is called the "salt flats".  When the tide is out, families and dogs wonder out onto the sandbar.   My family took a picnic dinner on Monday night.

My kids brought their ukuleles ...

... Andrew played "The Saints Go Marching In" ...

... in honor of the Super Bowl in New Orleans!

The salt flats guide airplanes to the Honolulu International Airport ...

... and driftwood looking for a dry beach.

We are caring for a friend's dog named Trusty.

We have nicknamed him "Bronco" as he bucks like a rodeo horse!

Another couple on the beach showed us the Navy Seal memorial .... 

.... friends come to remember fallen heroes ...

... including Adam Brown at this link.

The sun began to set on a beautiful evening.

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Kim in Hawaii


  1. What a beautiful place. I love the memorial. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Feeling wistful all of a sudden. Those sunset shots are simple breathtaking.

  3. A beautiful beach! Thank you for sharing! I love the Navy Seal memorial!

  4. What a pretty and scenic beach. Lovely.

  5. What lovely pictures Kim. You're very lucky to have such gorgeous places to go and visit.

    The Navy Seal Memorial, is very touching.

  6. Once again your pictures are beautiful!

  7. I'm always glad to hear of dog beaches. We take our now senior dog to the beach and it brings out the puppy in her. Nice to see the memorials too, and I love that your boys play the ukuleles.

  8. I can almost hear the sun Sizzle as it hits the water.... Okay A must stop Salt flats I so want to go there....
    How Wonderful that people honer Navy seals so simply yet so Loudly.Beautiful.
    Love Love Love the Ukulele How great that they play....
    Have a good one.

  9. I've always loved the beach. I grew up in California and we used to go to the beach all the time when I was a kid. I miss that now that I live in Nevada.

  10. Gorgeous pictures. I love the Navy Seal Memorial, too. How long have the boys been playing the ukuleles?

  11. Great pc, need to go there this year thanks

  12. Wonderful pictures. Loved the sunset. Tweeted.

  13. A fittingly beautiful place for the memorial for fallen heroes. God bless their families and friends.

  14. Hi Kim!

    I loved he pictures of your sons - they are growing so fast!

    I must admit I'm envying your beautiful serene beaches and warm weather right now as we're preparing for a blizzard! Oh, the joys of living in New England! First hurricane sandy and now a blizzard!

    Don't worry though, we sill have several trees left that need to be taken down that Sandy somehow missed! Think of the money we'll save when the hurricane comes through and takes down more that we won't have to pay a tree guy! This way I'll have money to buy books instead.

    Okay, I guess having a hurricane isn't that bad after all! Hum, maybe a better idea is hopping on a plane before the blizzard hits tomorrow afternoon and coming to visit you for a week or three! That's it - clean the spare room - I'll be arriving sometime late Friday!