Sunday, April 29, 2012

Aloha to Spam Jam in Waikiki Beach!

We have a winner from last week's blogs - Jane!

My travel buddies, Renee and Nadja, are also winners as they scored tickets to the advance screening of BATTLESHIP at the Navy's historic Sharkey Theater.  I'll post the link to their reviews when available.   Meanwhile, the Hawaii Food Bank is a winner from SPAM JAM on Waikiki Beach.   From its website (at this link),

The WAIKIKI SPAM JAM®Festival is a street festival that celebrates the people of Hawaii's love for SPAM®products a canned meat from Hormel Foods. In Hawaii, you will find SPAM®family of products at all grocery and convenience stores, many restaurants and in most homes in Hawaii.

This street festival is great for all ages, as the event includes Hawaii's top restaurants, two stages with free entertainment,and a variety of Hawaiian crafters. This is also a special event that benefits the Hawaii Food Bank, the largest non-profit in Hawaii that feeds the needy.

Located at the corner of Kalakaua and Seaside,
the crowds enjoyed the blue skies
and trade winds.

The Air Force's Band of the Pacific opened the festival.

Who knew the Air Force could rock?!?
Love the jerseys!  

Sandwiched between the Spam is
a Hawaii Food Bank volunteer.

David choose Gordon Biersch's Mac and Spam 
and Jo Anne tried PF Chang's Spam Lo Mein.

Spam is everywhere ... 

... and so is Five-O
(in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center).
We popped into the Royal Hawaiian Hotel
for an awesome view of Diamond Head.

One randomly selected commenter wins a can of Spam Flavored Macadamia Nuts ...

... or a book choice from my convention stash.  To enter the giveaway,

1.   Leave a comment about your favorite food festival!

2.  This giveaway is open to all readers.

3.  Comments are open through Saturday, May 5, 10 pm in Hawaii.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, May 6.


Kim in Hawaii


  1. We have the Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy every September. I get to indulge in zeppoles, sausage and peppers, cannoli and tiramisu.

  2. OMG, I was getting ready to tell you about the San Gennaro Feast in Little Italy. lol Jane beat me to it.
    But the food is to die for. Love sausage and peppers. It's a great feast and one I look forward to every year.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (do) com

  3. Aloha, Jane and Carol! How about you write a blog about the Feast for ALOHA ON MY MIND! I do miss incredible Italian food in Hawaii.

  4. I am not fond of spam but I love macadamia nuts. We do have tastes of (whatever city). They are fun to attend but no special favorites except for maybe steamed cheeseburgers. Does everyone have them?

  5. Funnel cake. Love it but I only get it rarely. Most festivals have it around here. Don't know if it's something all over or not. Basically it's fried dough with powdered sugar but they now sell it with ice cream and strawberries and whipped cream (I like it plain lol).

  6. When I lived in Chicago I loved the "Taste Of" my friends and I would go to all the different ones that they had and my favorite was the Polish one.

  7. My favorite food festival happens to be the county fair. They can fry anything and it's disgustingly delicious. Does that count? I've got the Five-O Bar & Lounge on my bucket list for next visit. We passed by it when we had burgers at Mahaloha Burgers.

  8. I like the Houston Rodeo's BBQ Cook-Off...Lots of good eating there.

  9. I really don't have a favorite. They are all fun and I like trying new foods.

  10. Oh that looked like it was so much fun. I like the girls dressed up in the Spam cans, LOL!
    I don't think I have a favorite food festival. I've wanted to go to the Food truck round ups, there's one here in Tucson and I hear about Eat the Street on Oahu. (mmmm, mouth watering just thinking about it.)

  11. I haven't been to a food festival in forever and I remember them being sooo much fun. When I lived in upstate NY I would go to the international, the Irish, the Polish and the Italian festivals - loved them all. My daughter loves Greek food and tries to go to the Greek festival here in Texas. It does look like you had a grand time! Congratulations, Jane!!

  12. HONESTLY, i thought spam was the south ,m well 1 of our fav foods. very very weird lol


  13. Wow great band pics, Ty, Wtg winners

  14. I like the strawberry food festival.

  15. I just told my husband that the Spam Jam was this weekend and he was groaning, thinking about all of the Spammy food he missed. :-)
    I read Renee's review of Battleship. It's now on my movies to see list. :-)

  16. Spam flavored macademia I had no idea they even existed. I like the Cinco de Mayo food festival. I love mexican food and to be able to get so much in one place is pure heaven.