Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Aloha to Books with a Past in Glenwood, Maryland

The New Year weekend gave me chance to visit my favorite book store, BOOKS WITH A PAST.  From its website (link),

Books With A Past was opened in 1996 by Marvin and Mary Alice Schaefer. Over the first few years, the Schaefers expanded from a small 1400-square-foot store with 7,000 volumes to a 4,200-square-foot, 100,000 volume size. In December 2009, the Schaefers sold Books With A Past, name and all, to Erin Matthews. Erin is an avid reader who has wanted to own a bookstore since she was 15. She is grateful to the Schaefers and to the local community who have made this dream possible.

I discovered BOOKS WITH A PAST when we first lived on Fort Meade (the assignment before Hawaii).  I enjoyed chatting with Marvin and Mary Alice - they were retired mathematicians!  Erin has done a fabulous effort in modernizing the store, including the romance section.

Oh, look!  The shop offers plenty of Cathy Maxwell books!

Love the tote bag!

The store offers a comfy sofa to sample the books.

Erin mentioned she hosted a Frozen party with a dozen princesses.

How about candle scents inspired by book settings ... 

... Winterfell for George R. Martin fans ... 

... and Sassenach for Diana Gabaldon fans. 

The cat didn't want to come to work the day we visited the store.  We'll catch him next time.

What is your favorite book store?  One randomly selected commenter from this week's blog posts wins a book choice from my convention stash.  Comments are open through Saturday, January 9, 10 pm in Baltimore.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, January 10.


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City


  1. My favorite local bookstore is the Strand.

  2. We had a few used book stores and they have all closed. We only have Barnes and Noble and that makes that store my favorite.

  3. All the used books stores I used to frequent have closed. Only Barnes and Noble and a Halfprice Bookstore remain. I usually hit the Half Price store.

  4. We have 2 good used book stores and I frequently visit them.

  5. There is a local independent book store called The Book Nook - they don't carry romance books, but will order them. There is a resale/thrift book shop run for a hospital charity about half an hour away - never know what will be found there!

  6. I go Barnes