Saturday, April 12, 2014

Aloha to Spring Sunshine, Walking Trails, and Cherry Blossoms

Howard County offers several walking trails along the Little Patuxent River.   I parked near Savage Mill and found my first friend -  the Korean Jindo Dog!  

The Jindo was accompanied by a group of Korean hikers who also enjoyed the spring sunshine!

The Little Patuxent River winds its way under ... 

... Interstate 95!

The two mile hike ended at the Guilford Pratt Truss Bridge. From the Preservation Howard County Preservation (link),

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad's Guilford Pratt Truss Bridge spans the Little Patuxent River along Old Guilford Road. The 1902 bridge represents two industries of importance to Howard County, railroading and granite quarrying.

The B&O's legacy is well known. Part of that legacy is its experimentation with and use of new bridge designs, such the Pratt Truss, patented in 1844, according to the United States National Park Service Historic American Engineering Record. Maryland was home to America's only granite production outside of New England in the early nineteenth century, and by 1890 granite production in the state had increased to 23 active quarries, according to the 1971 official Maryland Hall of Records Commission state history, The Old Line State.

Walking back to Savage Mill,  I spotted beautiful homes ...

... and cherry blossoms along the river.

What's blooming in your backyard?


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

I also spotted a gorgeous cherry blossom tree on Fort Meade in its historic cemetery.


  1. I used to hike the B&O trails when I lived in Virginia.

  2. What a great hike. The Cherry Blossoms are beautiful. Right now we have some flowers blooming (sorry don't even know what kind they are) and our bird of paradise is blooming too.

  3. I just saw my first smidgen of yellow from my forsythias. Won't be long now!

  4. I have lovely daylilies - red - blooming right now. Still early though.