Friday, May 31, 2013

Aloha to Songtan - A Shopping Adventure

The main gate leads to Songtan - a modern version of Europe's "cobbled streets" in a rabbit warren of shops.

The shopping center is restricted to pedestrians and mopeds.

My first purchase - a Harley Davidson Tshirt, "Sturges at Osan".   The vendor gives me a Shaka! 

The shops feature Hello Kitty ...

... Psy ... 

... and American sports!

David and Andrew call each other ... 

... to order McDonald's Delivery!

How about an ice cream with a beer?

Or Korean Cheese Steak?

Or pub grub?

I doubt Ocean's Eleven will rob the Bellagio!

Never fear, Irish beer is here!

Hmm ... would you patronize a hairdresser named Miss Piggy?
Or purchase a guitar from Mr. Potato?

 Lazy Pink Whale is an artist who brightens the alleys ...

... with colorful murals!  I am giving away two prizes for all the posts from Korea and China:

- One box of souvenirs to a US resident
- One envelope of souvenirs to an International reader

Comments are open through Saturday, June 29, 10 pm in Hawaii.  I'll post the winners on Sunday, June 30, at the Reading Reviewer.


Kim in Korea


  1. Love the pictures -- Micky D's delivery and Mr. Potato has a guitar shop!

  2. Looks like you are enjoying your stay! Thank you so much for taking the time to share. Its amazing how the products reflect the American tastes!

  3. Wow, what a wonderful, and eclectic collection of pictures. Did you go to the English Pub?

    Keep the pics coming, and carry on having fun.

  4. Clearly you're having a great time. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  5. Oh, looks like you are having fun. The pics aren't what I expected lol.

  6. I always eat at a McDonald's wherever I visit to see if they have something different on the menu than here.

  7. Just love the pictures - so very colorful. Love, love the McDonald's delivery cart! So glad you guys are having a wonderful time!

  8. Wow, these photos are totally fascinating! Since my last name is McDonald, I am totally digging the little McDelivery mopeds. Totally love the guy who gave you the t-shirt. And I think I can likely safely bet that the American sports stand did not have a San Diego Padres jersey. :) Looks like a fun adventure Kim!

  9. Love the photos! I'm so glad you are past the jet lag. Have a fabulous time!

  10. OMGosh What fun, though I hope you tried their food ...
    I find it amazing how they have food from all cultures but goes that 1 step further MD Delivery .

  11. The delivery mopeds remind of the ones I've seen in Europe.

  12. Thanks for sharing with us Kim. Enjoy your trip.

  13. It looks like you all are having a great time on your trip. So glad you are sharing your pictures with us cause I don't think Korea will ever be a place I will see, although it looks fun :)

  14. Gorgeous pics. It's like I'm in Korea too. I hope you can also take pictures of their temples or castles? :)

  15. Everything is so colorful and interesting for visitors. I would love to visit Korea.

  16. Looks like you're having a lot of fun! Even though I was born in Korea, I have no connection to it. I'd definitely have to go back as a tourist and then have to explain why I can't speak Korean lol...

  17. Kim -

    My husband and I always try to have "local" fare when we travel whether here in the US or the few times we've travel out of the states which he did many times in the Navy and then the Navy Reserves.

    I remember one time when he got home and one of the crew from their P-3 squadron ordered a hamburger in Iceland and wanted a hot dog in Spain. What Korean food have you and the boys enjoyed the most?

  18. Such good pics. :)

    I went to Korea yrs ago with a tour group and we didn't take that many pics....

  19. I enjoyed seeing the pictures! My s-i-l went to Korea a few years ago on business and he took my two oldest grandsons (twins) with him. They had a great time!

  20. The pics are great. I hope you and the boys are having a ball. Take care.

  21. I love the pics. I get to see things that I never would get to see otherwise. Thanks for all the great pictures you always take. Hope you are having fun.

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