Saturday, March 24, 2012

Volcano Finale - Earth, Wind, and Fire!

We have a winner from last week's blogs - BN100!

Today is the grand finale of the volcano with professional pictures I purchased from Jose Martinez.   Instead of a website, he has a roadside stand near the Puna viewing area.  That's life in Hawaii!   Above, the lava devours all in its path, including vegetation, roads, and even homes.

Indeed, the hot molten lava is scary ....

... but it cools off and creates more land!  The Big Island grows by the day. 

Jose takes photos from his boat, VAMOS.    Thank you for being part of our trip to the Big Island!    Do you have a memorable trip you would like to share?  One randomly selected commenter from this week's blogs will win a book choice from my convention stash.  This giveaway is open to all readers.  Comments are open through Saturday, March 31, 10 pm in Hawaii.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, April 1.


Kim in Hawaii

Below are adventurous children seeking to catch a "hot" meal!

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  1. the most memorable trip i will treasure in my heart forever happened when i was 12 years old. Me and my parents, and my sister went to malaysia and Singapore. That trip happened to be our last trip as a family because after that my dad will passed away. Those trips make me realize no matter where we are, as long as we have our family- everything would be fine:), aretha zhen

  2. Very nice pictures. I enjoyed going to Europe with my mom and visiting well-known tourist places.

  3. I'll always remember my trips to Hawaii and The Big Island was indeed a highlight.

  4. wow hot pics

  5. Great pictures. I have three memorable trips. I took each of my daughters on a trip towards the end of their high school years. I will always treasure that time.

  6. my memorial trip when got to one lake that famous in my country with my friend :)

  7. Wow...did you see the face in the lava in photo number 2? Very cool! I love traveling and have gone on several memorable trips. I just love visiting new places. The most recent was our trip to the Canadian national parks in Alberta. They were so beautiful. All the lakes and waterfalls and mountains were gorgeous. And we saw several bears. And went river rafting on a river with glacial was COLD but fun!

  8. Those photos are incredible. It's hard to imagine the destruction that comes from all that fiery beauty.

    I'm always open for a new memorable trip! Last year, we went to Europe for a three-week trip that included a Rhine River cruise. Next up we're heading to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby.

  9. I enjoyed visiting Timberline Lodge, climbing part way up Mount Hood and finally seeing the Pacific Ocean when I visited my daughter in Portland, OR.

  10. Fantastic pics. I think any trip is memorable and I've been lucky to have been on quite a few although nothing recently. A favorite was Hawaii when I met my husband on R&R and my father-in-law for the first time (he lived there).


  11. I think my most memorable trip was to Kauai where we took a helicopter ride and were lucky enough to be in the front where we had fantastic views of those remarkable waterfalls of the Garden Isle. We also were very awe-inspired by Waimea Canyon although I am still working on seeing what the Grand Canyon looks like in person!

  12. Ohhhh! Those pictures make my heart stop just a little. I can't get over how close he got to that lava in his boat! WOW.

  13. Wow, those are some hot pictures. I can't imagine getting that close to hot lava.

    I think my most memorable trip was one of the last trips my mom and dad went on while they were still married and took us kids with them. We all went to Big Bear lake in California for 2 weeks. We had a log cabin and it was in the winter time so there was a little snow on the ground. My dad rented a boat and we went out on Big Bear Lake one day. My mom saw what she thought was a wild dog..and put food out for him a few nights in a row. I remember my mom trying to hand feed the little guy and my dad and Uncle jack totally freaking out because it turned out the little wild dog was a wild wolf that my mom got to eat out of her hand.

  14. "Today is the grand finale of the volcano with professional pictures I purchased from Jose Martinez.Instead of a website, he has a roadside stand near the Puna viewing area."

    lol, that guy is the biggest loser out there and calling him a pro is an insult to real photographers. He's a bully and has harassed everyone he can. No website because he's not a photographer. He's an opportunist that needs to go away. I live down there and he doesn't.

    Glad you enjoyed your visit but, sad you had to meet him and even sadder you think he's a pro or even a real lava photog.
    No pro sells at the end of that rd and for $2-$5.

  15. st augustine fla
    thats about it


  16. I would have to say that there is something memorable in each of the trips I have taken through the years. A sunrise in Key West, sitting on a beach of pink sand in Bermuda, climbing a mountain in the middle of a lake in Arkansas, and, oh so many more.

  17. One of my favorite trips was driving down the coast from Oregon to California with my best friend. We stayed in hostels and toured the Redwoods, SanFrancisco, SanDiego and visited Tijuana. It was so fun. Good memories!