Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Aloha to Byodo In Temple

Hidden away in the Ko'olau Mountains is a special retreat - the Byodo In Temple.  From its website at this link,

The Byodo-In Temple is located in Valley of the Temples Memorial Park. It was established on June 7, 1968, to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants to Hawaii. The Byodo-In Temple in O'ahu is a smaller-scale replica of the over 950-year-old Byodo-in Temple, a United Nations World Heritage Site in Uji, Japan.

A pint size Buddha greeted us.

Barbara rings the bell for good luck.

Every angle is perfect.

Every detail is considered.

The big Buddha takes center stage.

We purchased several prints from Daniel Wang,
Hawaii's premier artist ... who happens to be deaf!  
Check out his profile at this link.   He taught us how to say "Aloha" in sign language ... which looks like the "shaka" (commonly associated with surfers).

Barbara feeds the koi.

I am giving away a 2012 Hawaiian calendar to one randomly selected commenter. This giveaway is open to all readers. Comments open through Tuesday, January 10, 10 pm in Hawaii. I'll post the winner on Wednesday, January 11, when I'll resume my regular once-a-week posts.


Kim in Hawaii

One last look at peace .... 


  1. Wow, what a find. When I go back to Hawaii, I am visiting there.

  2. Beautiful places! But Kim, did you travel in time. Because the post has the date of tomorrow. LOL

  3. Oh, these pictures are so beautiful. Would love to see in person; maybe someday.

  4. Great picture. Only seen the picture but i know that place is very quite and peaceful ;)

  5. Wow! This brings back memories! I went to Hawaii with 5 girlfriends when we graduated from high shcool. This was one of the sights we saw...we took a bus around the island that went to stopped at several places. I had forgotten about it until I saw your photos here.

  6. I always thought that sign meant "I love you"...but it works either way!