Thursday, August 6, 2015

Packing up the treasures ...

Every day, I pack up two boxes in preparation for our move, across town, at the end of the month. Each treasure brings back memories.

My mother in law gave me this special anniversary Jim Beam bottle representing Hawaii (the whiskey distiller created a unique bottle for each state).

When I lived in the Netherlands, I found these tiles in a thrift shop.  The tiles celebrate beloved queens.

When I left the Netherlands, my thrift shop buddy gave me this tulip plate.

China maker Mottahedeh creates ceramic antique reproductions.  The dish below is Torquay Blue - it was a wedding gift from my Grandmother who lived in Torquay!  From the Mottahedeh website (link),

Clinging to the coast of Devon in southern England was theelegant resort town of Torquay, renowned for its mild climate and its abundant marine life. The shells and entwined sea grasses inspired the Swansea potters who flourished between 1764 and 1846. This pattern was created circa 1820. Made originally in the traditional English transferware style, Torquay enjoys poulairty today in Blue and now in Coral Pink .

Speaking of China, here's our cloissane vase from our trip to China (link).

Can you share a special treasure in your home?  One randomly selected commenter from this week's posts wins a book choice from my convention stash.  Comments are open through Saturday, August 8, 10 pm in Baltimore.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, August 9.


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

Here's another Hawaiian treasure ... Zsa Zsa in a box!


  1. We have a small cloisonne vase that my aunt got in China. She says it's real, but we don't know for sure.

  2. I've got a couple of Staffordshire dogs from my father's family that I love!

  3. We have an amazing punch bowl from Germany. And I have cuckoo clocks.

  4. We have a neat stained glass lamp that used to belong to my husband's grandmother :)

  5. No those r greT treasures

  6. Wonderful treasures you have! One of my treasures is a purple glass lady's spittoon (at least that is what I've been told it is!).

  7. Those are beautiful. We have treasures that were my husband's parents who lived quite a few places when in the service and then my husband and I traveled to some wonderful places so I have a bit of everything and treasure them all from paintings to furniture to souvenirs of various kinds.