Monday, January 27, 2014

Scout Camping ...

My youngest son went capming this past weekend.   While the adults slept in tents ...

... the scouts slept in cabins!    

Have you experienced winter camping?


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City


  1. I've never been camping, but I'm not sure I could handle winter camping.

  2. I have been camping in the snow. It is quite different.

  3. Hi Kim!

    I hope your sons had a great time on their camp out!

    When my sons were Boy Scouts every winter they had a "Winter Camp out" themselves - but they had to sleep in tents! I'll never forget one winter when the temperature dipped and it went down to 20 degrees (at least that's warmer then it is here right now) and they took turns getting up to keep the "camp sires burning"!

    It great to see them helping their sons now in scouting just like my husband did "way back when". I must admit looking back one of my favorite "jobs" was being a Den Mother for both of them!

  4. when I was in Senior Girl Scouts we went winter camping - in tents - we were crazy - longest night of my life! Hard cold ground, had dug our latrines - couldn't wait to get home. But it was so bad we had a lot of fun laughing over it and I've never forgotten the experience all these ## years later.

  5. I've been camping in the cold and in the rain, but not in the snow. I'm not really sure I want to camp, in tents, in the snow!

  6. We camped at Bryce Canyon National Park in early May one year....not quite the winter time, but it was freezing!!!!!!!