Monday, December 30, 2013

Aloha to Montpelier Mansion (part 2)

Continuing our tour of the Montpelier Mansion (link),  

A fine example of Georgian architecture popular in Maryland in the late 1700's, Montpelier Mansion sits on approximately 70 acres of beautiful parkland. Architectural and building construction details, as well as historical research, suggest that the house was constructed between 1781 and 1785. Major Thomas Snowden and his wife Anne, original owners of Montpelier Mansion, welcomed many distinguished guests into their home, including George Washington and Abigail Adams. 

I found the upstairs connection to the secret passageway!

This bed, too, looks so comfy!

The top hat caught my eye ...

... as did the holiday decorations in the hallway!

Given Major Snowden served in the Revolutionary War, the fife and drum accented his house!

The children's room was also decorated on the mantel ...

... while the homemade doll enjoyed the warmth of the fire!

Across the hall, we found a rope-turned trundle bed.

Downstairs, I spied a dollhouse built into a cupboard ...

... with Santa Claus on the roof ...

... and cats in the kitchen!

Outside, the Osage orange tree frames the summer house in the distance.

The cook relied upon the spices grown in the herb garden.    Montpelier Mansion is one of many historic homes maintained by the Prince George's County Department of Parks and Recreations (link).  I look forward to exploring (and sharing) the other sites!


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  1. Old homes have such character.

  2. How fun to tour such an old place. Thanks for sharing all the photos.