Saturday, November 2, 2013

Aloha to Howard County Parks - Savage Mill Trail

I am blessed with beautiful trails for my daily walk.  I took advantage of the nature path along the Little Patuxent River near Savage Mill - check out my pictures of the mill at this link.

Above is the historic railroad leading to Savage Mill; below is the vintage building from the mill complex.

Locals come to fish in the river ...

... this fisherman waded into the river in pursuit of trout.

 Heavy rains created picturesque water falls along the river.

The water connects me to my beloved Hawaii!  Do you have any nature trails near you?


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City


  1. Absolutely gorgeous pictures, we do have a small dam nearby, however, not allowed to go there.

  2. Yes but I'm afraid I don't take advantage of them. Not husband's thing and they're not close enough that I'd want to go alone.

  3. Hubby and I couldn't think of any nature trails near us. We have parks with paved paths for walking (away from the snakes, etc.). Your trail looks like it would make for a great walk.

  4. Beautiful, Kim!
    We have tons of trails here with the Linville Gorge and Wilson's Creek area. There's an old mill in ruins near Mortimer above Wilson's Creek. Our locations are very similar and we're lucky to have these places at our doorsteps.

  5. There aren't any nature trails around here.

  6. We have lots of nature trails. I used to walk them all the time. When we adopted our little girl with a prosthetic leg, it became harder but we still would.

  7. there are a lot of parks and trails near where I live - I don't take advantage of them like you do - you are inspiring me!

  8. We have a nice park called Mission Trails very close to us. It has lots of hiking trails and is a fun place to just be in nature. There are also some man-made lakes right near our house too. Lots of birds hang out there, so it is a nice place to walk and bird watch.