Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Aloha to the Baltimore Book Festival - Maryland Romance Writers and Blogging About Books

After taking a few photos at the Comic Book Pavilion, I beelined to the Maryland Romance Writers (MRW) Stage.   I arrived just in time for the panel discussion, "Blogging About Books":

Book bloggers will talk about running a successful book blog, working with authors and publishers, how to keep their fans engaged, and offer authors tips for building successful relationships with book bloggers.

Let's do a few close ups ...

On the right is Stacey O'Neale, staceyoneale.com.

On the left is Jen Fisher.  Her personal blog is Jenuine Cupcakes, jenuinecupcakes.blogspot.com.   Thus, she brought cupcakes!   Jen also contributes to Young Adult Book Central, yabookscentral.com.

Here is Stephanie Sinclair, Cuddlebuggery Blog, cuddlebuggery.com.

On the right is Jillian Stein, Read-Love-Blog, read-love-blog.com.   On the left is Joy Harris, Joyfully Reviewed Blog, joyfullyreviewed.com.   

Not pictured individually is Hannah McBride, The Irish Banana Review Blog, theirishbanana.blogspot.com.

These bloggers were articulate, enthusiastic, and encouraging about books, reviews, and readers.  They believe in honest reviews while respecting authors.  The moderator, Lea Nolan, leanolan.com, noted that authors are often "intimidated" by bloggers.  These bloggers made it clear that it is not their intent to intimidate any author, but rather celebrate good books.   Thus, I suggest authors support these bloggers.

Next - Scottish Highlander Romance with Diana Cosby, Eliza Knight, Terri Brisbin, and Kate Poole.  


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

RT magazines were available at the MRW Stage.


  1. I agree that the bloggers were very articulate and very informative. I learned a lot from them from the POV of an author and think the panel had a lot for readers, aspiring bloggers, and aurhtors alike. Thanks for the great spotlight post on them!

  2. Sounds like good blogs to follow and I respect their goal of 'honest reviews while celebrating authors'.

  3. It sounds like there are some amazing blogs to check out.

  4. Great pics and great blogs.

  5. Nothing better than books and cupcakes.

  6. I agree with Jane's comment above....books and cupcakes. Love them both! And bloggers too!

  7. Thank you, thank you for the awesome review of the panel! I'm so glad you liked it! :D It was a blast hanging out with those girls, and they have amazing blogs everyone should follow!

  8. Thanks for the great review. We had so much fun! There's nothing better than spending an afternoon with friends talking about books we love.