Saturday, August 17, 2013

Aloha to Savage, Maryland

I walked into "town" ... 

 ... to mail last week's prizes.  I introduced myself to the postmaster as the "book lady" who will become a regular fixture at the post office! 

Although the town lies in the shadows of the former mill - turned - boutique shopping, Savage has its own unique charm.

The town park offers a glimpse of a time gone by where folks gathered on the common green.

The Carroll Baldwin Hall once served as a library .... 

... and it is just around the corner from Ma's Kettle.  The postmaster noted its BBQ earned its reputation.

The town boasts numerous historic homes ... 

... with the above home now serving as Solomon's Lodge.

On my way back to my neighborhood, I passed the Weiss supermarket ... I was intrigued by the Jewish Apple Cake.

Berger cookies are a Baltimore favorite that pack on the creme and calories!   Do you like BBQ?  Have you tried Jewish Apple Cake?  Can a cookie have too much chocolate?


Kim in Baltimore

Aloha Spirit in Charm City


  1. I love BBQ. We search for it everywhere.

  2. A cookie can never have too much chocolate! lol

    This looks like a lovely small town! I enjoy looking at historical homes! I wouldn't mind living in one with a few modern improvements.

  3. Lovely tour of your new town, Kim. I've never tried Jewish Apple Cake but it sure looks good and I'm not sure anything can ever have too much chocolate! lol!

    Living in the Carolinas has put BBQ on my radar in a new, and delicious, way. :)

  4. I love BBQ...I have to look for Jewish Apple Cake.

  5. Such pretty pics. :)

    And no... a cookie can never have too much chocolate... Actually can't think of any food that have too much chocolate... :)

  6. I love Savage, Kim. The mill is so much fun and I haven't been out there in ages. As far as BBQ ...yes!!! There is a little place within walking distance of me. And I haven't had Jewish apple cake since leaving DE. It's so good! But believe it or not, I've never had a Berger cookie. Waving to you from Severna Park!

  7. That apple cake looks really good as does everything else. I love chocolate. Loved the pictures.

  8. You really lucked out by living in Savage. It looks really quaint, and a place that would be nice to live in. Mind you, I think that "Savage" is a strange name for a town.

  9. I know we have relatives in Baltimore but I've never been. Actually, for me there can be too much chocolate lol. I do love barbecue though. I'm enjoying the different sights.

  10. I love barbecue. Never had Jewish apple cake, but it looks delicious.

  11. like BBQ; never had that cake; can't have too much chocolate

  12. I love BBQ! I haven't heard of Jewish Apple Cake and no, there can never be too much chocolate in a cookie! Savage looks like a lovely community. Looking forward to learning more about it.

  13. I do like BBQ and no, a cookie can't have too much chocolate! I've never tried Jewish Apple Cake. Love the photos of the town. I hope they have events in the town common green. Looks like a nice place for them.